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Oct 12-13, 2013

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Loren Segal

Loren Segal

Loren Segal is an SDKs and Tools developer at Amazon Web Services working on the AWS SDKs for Ruby and Node.js. In his spare time, Loren also likes to hack on open source libraries and tools like YARD, a Ruby documentation tool, RubyCorrect, a static analysis and automatic test case generation tool, and Seahorse, a web service API modeling library.

Towards Tooling; A Look at What is Missing From Our Toolbox

You can usually judge the maturity of a programming language ecosystem by the breadth of its tooling. For example, Java has a plethora of IDEs that each, in turn, have many well maintained refactoring and code quality plugins (like FindBugs and PMD). C/C++ is equally well established in this space. Even JavaScript is becoming well represented, with a number of static code analyzers and language supersets (like Dart and TypeScript) aimed at improving tooling in the language. But where is Ruby in all of this? This talk will shed some light on the existing tools available in the Ruby world as well as some new tools just starting to be built out in the areas of static analysis, formal verification, and code quality checking. We will look at what kind of tools the Ruby community is good at building, what kind of tools we are bad at, and most of all, some of the tooling we should be working on to really improve our ecosystem and drive more developers to this wonderful language.