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Oct 12-13, 2013

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Mark Menard

Mark Menard

Mark Menard is the founder of Enable Labs, a boutique consulting firm, in Troy, NY, specializing in product development, business productivity and problem solving. Mark used to be a Java developer and caught the dynamic language bug when he started coding in Groovy and then discovered Ruby and Rails. Mark spends most of his free time with his wife Sylva and their two sons Ezra and Avi.

JRuby: Insights from Six Years in Production

JRuby is the primary alternative implementation of Ruby available. With support for native threads, excellent garbage collection, and the introduction of Invoke Dynamic it has grown into a formidable platform. So, what can JRuby do for you? Learn how JRuby differs from MRI, how JRuby supports parallelism, how to use Java libraries from JRuby, how to use Ruby from Java and more. Java no longer means just the language anymore, the JVM is an excellent place to host Ruby applications.