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Oct 12-13, 2013

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Mike Nicholaides

Mike Nicholaides

By day, Mike Nicholaides is a co-founder and Ruby/JavaScript consultant at PromptWorks, the premier Ruby shop in Philadelphia. But when the sun goes down… he does, too, because having kids is exhausting!

Between dawn and dusk Mike can be found feeding his addiction to learning. In addition to technology, his interests include all things language, business, ancient and prehistory, and religion.

When he’s not coding, spending time with his family, or reading, you’ll probably find him organizing local JavaScript and coworking meetups and throwing Philadelphia’s annual Code Retreat.

Securing Your Rails App

How can you know if your Rails app is safe? With potential vulnerabilities lurking in your app’s code, in gems you depend on, in services you use, and in the Rails source itself, attackers have myriad vectors to gain access to your data, interrupt your service, and damage your reputation.

I’ll cover the basics of securing your Rails app, evaluating and mitigating the risk inherent in live web applications, and strategies for keeping your app secure as new threats emerge.